Advantages of a Live Call Answering Service

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With a live call answering service you will have all your business calls answered by a professional receptionist. Calls will be answered in your company name. Message will be taken from the caller and forwarded to you by phone or email or via our online secure sign in portal.

A lot of potential customers who ring a business and the call is not answered, they are likely to continue to a phone call to your competition. Like most business owners, you’re likely not to be able to answering every one of those inbound calls. You probably don’t have time to. Like most business owners, you’re too busy running your business—serving customers or clients, fulfilling orders, managing employees, and running the day to day running of business.

A live call answering service providers the benefits of a receptionist without having to hire a full time receptionist and avoiding the cost of hiring such staff. A virtual receptionist can handle all business calls at a fraction of the cost of a full time receptionist.

A live call answering service is able to handle a high volume of calls, which means that even during your businesses busiest time, calls will still be professionally answered.

A live answering service is able to handle a high volume of calls meaning even during your company’s busiest calling times, every single one of your business calls will be answered. Because a live answering service has multiple receptionists on hand, each and every one of your calls can be given the time and attention it needs, even when there are several incoming calls.

Setting up a live call answering service means you will never miss a call again. Just one call could mean a large order or a query regarding an order that will lead to other orders in the future. Safe in the knowledge that a dedicated professional receptionist is in place to take your calls, you will never have to worry about disappointing a customer or missing a crucial sale ever again. You could be in a meeting with potential clients, in a busy restaurant orworking from home with the kids going crazy in the background and you can rest assured, your calls will be answered in a professional and efficient way.

Despite the growth of online business, email and apps, people still like to call a number and speak to a human. It puts them at ease in relation to doing business with you and it is important you have your business phone number always manned and ready to be answered.

It happens so many times, in that you receive a missed call notification but the caller does not leave a message, you return the call but there is no answer – repeat cycle all day. With a virtual call answering service this will no longer happen. With a virtual receptionist, they will take the call from anyone calling that wants their call returned.

With a live call answering service, it will make your business sound more established. Perhaps your company is just a startup and you are in the growing phase. With the best call answering services for small business, your callers receive a menu of options, from which they can reach each department. Even if each department is only one person or if you have a team of three, your business can seem much larger with automated menu options that give callers many choices.

So you should think about your business and how busy you are on a daily basis and consider how many calls you may be missing every day and consider if you signed up to a live call answering service how much money you will save.