Are you paying rent on an office you don’t use?

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So we entered another level 5 lockdown yesterday for an initial 6 weeks. All non-essential retail, along with bars, restaurants, cafes, gyms, hairdressers and barbers are closed. Even before this current lockdown the majority of office blocks and even small business offices were closed or working with a handful of normal staffing levels.

So are you one of these businesses, paying rent on an office you are barely even using? If your business has lasted this long without physical office space, consider it could be a hint you don’t really need physical office space. This is why our virtual office services are so suitable for today’s environment and moving into the future.

With our virtual office service you will have a central Dublin address, which you can use for all your business requirements including company registration, on your website and correspondence. Whilst you work from home, rest assured you have a professional address listed, which will assist your business and give a more prestigious image to clients.

Can I meet my clients at my business address? Absolutely, we have a number of meeting rooms which you can rent by the hour or day to meet clients.

What about my mail that arrives? We will forward your mail to you on a daily/weekly basis – however you wish. You can also collect your mail or if you sign up to our scan to email, we will open your mail as it arrives, scan it and forward to you.

Can I use the business address to register my company with the Companies Registration Office? Of course. You can use our central Dublin address to register your company with the Companies Registration Office.

Image the savings the could make switching from a physical office to a virtual office. Immediately you could make savings in office rent, rates and utilities, freeing up monies which could be used in the advancement of your business. The future of any business depends on keeping the costs of that business at a minimum, so a virtual office it a must, especially at the beginning of any business.