Now more than ever is a great time to have a Dublin Virtual Office

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A virtual office in Dublin is always a good service, but now we are into the sixth month of the Coronavirus outbreak, we are living in uncertain times with massive disruptions to daily life and business. At the moment the number of cases in Ireland are starting to rise again. As a result of the lockdown most office workers and self employed persons are working from home since mid March. Huge numbers of small to large companies are working from home, with office space all over Dublin and nationally lying idle. Such as waste!

If you are a small or medium business you need to evaluate if renting an office is economically wise and are you spending money on rent, when you don’t need to. That money could go to better benefits to the business, such as advertising. Small companies in particular are in a lot of cases spending money on office space, where in fact they could work remotely. A small office in central Dublin 2, 4 or 6 can cost anywhere upwards of €12,000 per year.

When you sign up to a virtual office service you will have a full central Dublin presence including a business address, call answering service, meeting room facilities and peace of mind your mail and phone calls are looked after with the professionalism and care that you deserve, whilst you are concentrating on the day to day running of your business, no matter if it is well established or your a newly established startup.

In a recent survey carried out by recruitment company ‘Robert Walters’ found that 37% of businesses in Ireland are considering a downsize in office space. Businesses are taking a hit with the huge economic fallout from Covid-19 and need to find ways to make cost savings to their business, and in some cases to make cost savings to survive. The best way to do this is to close some, if not all your office and set up a virtual office service in central Dublin.

The World Health Organisation said the Covid-19 virus will be with us for the rest of 2020 and well into 2021. Open office space is a thing of the past for most businesses as a result and a lot of employees and freelancers are quite happy to work remotely. With a virtual office you increase your protection, and the protection of your employees from Covid.

Now more than ever is the best time to set up a virtual office. A virtual office will provide you with the following advantages:

– Massive savings in office space rental.
– Savings with costs associated with office rental such as rates, parking, electricity, furniture etc.
– Protection from working in an open office space, thus reducing your and your staff’s exposure to Covid-19.
– Provide you with a professional image with a upmarket address in central Dublin.
– You will have a live receptionist answer your phone calls professional, for a fraction of the cost of a receptionist.
– Your business will be remote and virtual. No need for a physical office with everything run remotely.
– Reduces your commute and as a result is an advantage to the general environment.

At the start of July, the Irish Government, launched a public consultation process on guidelines for remote working. The guidelines are intended to address issues arising from remote working such as employment rights, data protection, security and health and safety. Also over the past few months, large companies such as Google and Facebook have announced most of their staff will be remote working well into 2021.

So if large companies and the Irish Government are considering remote working, even post Covid-19, you need to consider you position on your office space, no matter if you are a startup, established small business or solo freelancer. Consider a virtual office as the future of your workplace. There are not many services out there that office businesses massive cost savings such as a virtual office.