What is a Virtual Office?

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A virtual office is what it is, it is virtual and enables a business to have a professional business presence in a central city location, without having to actually rent an office. The virtual office allows a business to have a business address, in which mail can be received in their company’s name along with having use of a virtual receptionist who will answer calls in the company’s name.

A virtual office basically allows a business owner and their employees to work remotely.  Most importantly it enables that business to maintain a presence in a prestigious location, without the need to pay rent for an actually office space.

The virtual office, especially over the last few months during the Covid-19 crisis, has become a popular flexible office solution for small and medium business along with solo entrepreneurs who work from home and still have a professional business address for their company. It allows a business all the benefits of a ’brick and mortar’ location without the expense of renting an physical office. A virtual business address can add additional credibility to a business, which makes it look more professional rather than if they used their home address.

A virtual office allows business owners and their employers to communicate and work together in the same way as in a physical office. With the intervention of technology like Zoom, laptops, improved internet access and speeds, webcams — a business can still run ‘virtually’ but without the costs associated with owning or renting premises.

A virtual office is something of an umbrella term, referring to any number of different services and facilities provided by companies like ours. At Virtual Office Dublin, our full range of virtual office services includes various optional extras such as mail scanning and forwarding, registered business address service along with call answering and forwarding, and meeting room facilities if required.

A business using a virtual office, can save money in office rent and the costs associated with office rental such as parking, rates, electricity, staff. Virtual Offices also cut back on commuting and as a result it is also good for the environment.