Who are VirtualOfficeDublin.ie?

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VirtualOfficeDublin.ie provide virtual office services in central Dublin. Ever since our establishment, we have assisted SME’s nationally and internationally set up their virtual office presence in Dublin.

In the midst of the current pandemic, physical office space has become less of a necessity especially for SMEs, entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals. The alternative to physical office space, is our virtual office service in which you get to have a prestigious central Dublin address for your business along with a PA to answer calls in your company name.

Our virtual office services allow business owners and their employees to work remotely.  Most importantly it enables a business to maintain a presence in a prestigious location, without the need to pay rent for physical office space.

What services are included in our Virtual Office?

Business Address:
Customers can use our central Dublin 4 address for all their business requirements such as with the Companies Registration Office, on their website and correspondence. Mail received for you can be posted to you on a daily/weekly basis or mail can be scanned, which saves on postage costs. Our business address allows you to have a prestigious central Dublin address for your business, without having to rent a physical office space.

Mail Forwarding & Scanning Service:
Mail received for you or your business at our Dublin 4 address will be held for collection Monday to Friday, we can post to you or we can scan all your mail to you.

Live Call Answering Receptionist:
Our PA’s will answer all your phone calls. Calls will be answered professionally in your company name. Messages taken from callers will be forwarded to you via email or if urgent calls can be forwarded to you.

Meeting Rooms:
We offer a number of meeting room facilities. Our meeting rooms can cater for numbers ranging from 2 to 15.

Company Formation
We provide company formation solutions for clients seeking to establish a business presence in Ireland. So if you are establishing a Limited company or a sole trader business, let us know.

What are the Advantages of using a Virtual Office?

Cost Savings:
The main advantage of using our virtual office services, is the massive cost savings to your business. With a virtual office you don’t need to rent a physical office. Not only are you saving on rent, but all the other costs associated with renting a physical office such as rates, utility bills, parking and other charges.

No Commute:
Using our virtual office solutions and remote working, cuts back on commuting which leads to to a better environment and frees up more time in the day for you to be more productive.

When signed up to our virtual office services, you are not stuck to the office. You are free to conduct your business day to day, with the peace of mind that all your mail is received at our office, your phone calls are answered professional. Its one less thing for you to worry about day to day.

Currently the main advantage to have a virtual office and working remotely, is that you don’t need to be in a shared office space thus you are reducing your exposure to Covid-19 and to those around you. 

By using our virtual office solutions, you are increasing your businesses credibility by have a prestigious central Dublin address along with your phone calls professionally answered.

Who can use our Virtual Office Services?

A virtual office can be used by any individual or business looking for a professional presence in prestigious Dublin 4. It is suitable for all types of individuals and businesses, including solo entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, SMEs, businesses downgrading their physical office space, individuals and businesses remote working, IT and financial firms. With greater technology and online meeting platforms such as Zoom, its now easier for more businesses to use virtual offices.

In summary, virtual office services are becoming more important for businesses to embrace in 2020. With the Covid-19 raging and you and your employees remote working, having a virtual office in central Dublin cuts the costs for you having to pay rent on office space you are hardly using. The virtual office also provides your business with credibility via our prestigious address service, call answering and meeting room facilities. It also allows you and your employees to work remotely, keeping you all safe from Covid-19.